About Us

ALEAIR CARGO SERVICES is a logistics and procurement subsidiary of ALE-AIR KONSULT TECHNOLOGIES. We provide customized supply chain solutions to companies around the world, whether they need help with warehouse space, global distribution or sensitive shipments from our warehouse location in Shenzhen, China.

Founded 5 years ago, ALEAIR CARGO SERVICES is a leading global provider of customized supply chain solutions. ALEAIR CARGO SERVICES has strategic global presence in USA , Canada , China , Hong Kong , Europe , Nigeria and thousands of team members throughout the world allows us to deliver comprehensive transportation, distribution and value added services to companies from start-up ventures to large multinational corporations. We pride ourselves in being a logistics company that creates customized solutions for our customers and invests in long term partnerships. We provide third party logistics solutions tailored to fit your needs with operations around the clock, 365 days a year. Our dedication to excellence enables our customers to achieve a competitive advantage in every part of their supply chain.

Ale-Air Cargo Services is constantly seeking ways to improve its customer service function especially in disseminating faster feedback information on the items shipped. Now you can trace the status of your shipment here

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